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Sequel5 - Its more than a game!

Dynamic Team

Change player team in less than 500ms

Instant Review

Contact the developers and get a response in less than 24 hours

Live Player Match

Invite Sequel5 players globally. Coming soon: Add them on social

Smart TV Setup

12 family players can view live game in viewer mode on TV


We belive in experience. A game is as good as the experience it offers

Mode Timer

Imbibing difficulty mode with timer


Coming: Some More Features

What makes us feature-rich?

Social Mode

Sequel5 social network allowing players to connect globally

Sequel5 T-Shirts

Become a Robotic-Player and get a Sequel5 T-Shirt delivered free

Sequel5 Tournament

We are setting up tournament awards from runner-up to winner

12 Computers

Play with upto 12 robotic computer-players in your game-room

Sequel5 Stats

Stay afraid, but do it anyway..

Before we start with the process of possibilities, we must begin with the purity of principles



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As on 27 March 2021